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Here is our weekly timetable: 

Our learning this term: 



This term we are establishing the foundations for good writing including using the correct punctuation, handwriting, spelling and additions to sentences including description, connectives and sentence type. 

We are looking at different types of sentences; commands (bossy), statements (true) and questions which will help the children use a wider range of sentence types in their written work. We are also looking at adjectives and adverbs and again how they can add detail and improve the children's writing for the audience.  

We are learning this through a range of texts both narrative; Oliver's Vegetables and The Little Red Hen and non-fiction including recipes, linking in with our topic focussed around food. 


Guided Reading: 

As part of guided reading children read with both the class teacher and teaching assistant on a weekly basis with a focus on using a scheme called 'Reciprocal Reading' which allows the children to explore texts, predict outcomes, discuss things/vocabulary that confuses them, question the plot and characters and summarise the events. All of which help the children become confident, natural readers. We also focus in on specific skills such as decoding - applying their phonics and inference - developing their understanding of a text.  



We are focusing on number skills this term.

Looking at the topics:

*place value

*counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s

*addition and subtraction 

*problem solving applying the children's understanding of addition and subtraction.

*learning the number bonds to 10 and 20 and the associated subtraction facts. 

If you go to the useful links section on our class page I have suggested possible website that will help children in these areas. 


Topic: Party Planners

The outcome for this unit is that children are able to have a party to celebrate all their hard work so far. They will plan, the decorations, food, music, costumes etc. 

As part of this topic we will looking specifically at food; where it comes from (Geography), the different food groups (Science), how food it used in art (Art and Design).