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Year 2 Homework



Please encourage your children to read at home as much as possible - this can be their reading book that they have brought home from school, a library book, information book or even a comic.

Research has shown that the more 'reading miles' a child does, the more fluent and competent they become.

You can help your child by engaging in discussions about what they have read - ask them questions about it, or get them to re-tell what the events of the story. It is also important to encourage children to give their opinion about the text - did they enjoy it and why. This really helps to broaden children's vocabulary and improves their ability to debate and discuss their points of view.



Year 2 children will have a spelling test each Friday. Children will be given words to practise that are appropriate to their ability level (and in line with curriculum expectations) - then will be tested on them the following Friday. We give them 5 words to practise, but will then also test them on a couple of words that they wont have practised (but will contain the spelling rules learned that week) to really assess whether they can apply the spelling rules they have been working on.



From time to time children will be given worksheets to work on at home that support their learning in class.  They will relate to whatever topic or strategy they are working on and give them a chance to extend their learning and apply what they have practised in class.



Over the academic year there will be a variety of topic-based activities that children will be asked to complete - these could be finding out facts, collecting information, using the internet or speaking to family and friends.  It may be an arts and crafts project or could involve collecting 'junk' to bring in to school for a construction activity.

Information about the homework will always be communicated to parents in advance, either by newsletter or text message.  But please feel free to speak to your child's teacher if you required any further information.